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Baraah Solutions Oman provides full-cycle software development services to customers. We create comprehensive software solutions meeting your unique business needs. Our web development services are based on today's technologies such as ASP.Net, SharePoint, Microsot CRM, JAVA, HTML5 & jQuery, IBM FileNet and much more.

We provide the following IT services:

  • Custom Web and Desktop Software Development

    This service gives the opportunity to customers to realize their business ideas in the form of a software application or a technical solution.

    Baraah is specialized in various web and desktop software development which include the following:

    • Intelligent Business Development.
    • Web and desktop development of custom applications.
    • Client Server based application development.
    • Component based software development.
    • Standalone applications.
    • Mobile and wireless solutions.
    • Web and windows services solutions.
    • Microsoft Cloud solutions.
    • Microsoft SharePoint and dynamic CRM solutions.
    • Documents management solutions and archiving.
    • Contracts and billing solutions.
  • ECM Solutions

    Baraah offers the world leading IBM FileNet ECM solution to its customers who are looking to leverage the value of the unstructured information to run their businesses more competitively. FileNet ECM solutions enable business critical applications in client server or web-based and enterprise portal environments that extends document management functionality to a broad range of strategic business processes. With the combination of content, process and connectivity, FileNet ECM solutions allow customers to build and sustain competitive advantage by managing content throughout their organization, automating and streamlining their business processes, and providing the full-spectrum of connectivity needed to simplify your critical and everyday decision-making.

    ECM services:

    • FileNet Installation, Migration and administration.
    • FileNet consultation and Architecture.
    • FileNet Content and Process Design.
    • FileNet cloud Installation and hosting.
    • Content Navigator customization projects.
    • IBM Case Manager design and implementation.
    • Archiving and search solutions.
    • Backlog Solutions and Digital transformations.
    • OCR and scanning of paper archives.
    • Content Analytics and Value added services for FileNet.
  • IT companies services

    We are providing various services to IT companies like the custom components, APIs, Web services, Windows services, custom controls .... Etc.

  • Application Reengineering & Migration

    Software and applications that have been in use by a company for many years and that support the unique processes of the organization, are often built on obsolete, inefficient platforms that are difficult to maintain and enhance.

    Baraah can transform legacy software into high-performance, easy to use applications designed to respond to growing business needs.

  • Application Maintenance

    As shown by practice, software development does not end with the project release. Often customers need to make some amendments to application features or add new ones, improve application performance or eliminate some bugs. We are ready to provide our customers with technical support to maintain their existing software.

    Baraah provides preventive, refining, or repairing services for software systems. Preventive maintenance may include system refurbishing, refactoring, and renewing. Routine maintenance activities include system performance check-ups, testing, minor repairs, and other similar activities.

  • Training Services

    We are providing training in various fields,like Software development, Networking, Cloud, Mobile development, Human development ... Etc.